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Miracle Body Renew

This special pack contains state of the art natural recipes and skin rejuvenating strategies to allow your body to simply regenerate… and help you leave all worries behind!

It was designed thanks to special contributions from natural researchers, doctors and alternative treatments practitioners who also came up with the best-selling Fungus Key PRO system and wanted to develop a safe and easy shortcut for a healthy, glowing skin… even when you’re old and grey!

And you’ll feel and look incredible:

  • Constantly energized and ready to try out new things
  • Full of vitality and strength
  • Able to do all the things you always wanted to do, like run 10 miles a day
  • Relaxed and dreaming of a happy future with your loved ones

Here’s what you get with the Miracle Body Renew package:

The Green Book of Beverages: 50 Natural Recipes for Total Body Repair

This is the natural guide to fun and easy beverage recipes for a younger you!

  • Discover how preparing your own delicious lemonades, iced teas, smoothies or teas could give you a large smile on your face, while curing your body of unwanted disease
  • Take a few hours for yourself once in a while and cleanse your body with these 3 miraculous plants… that you can grow in your own backyard
  • Heal your body from asthma, allergies, rashes and even diabetes… and achieve 100% health and vitality while erasing all the toxins and worries from your life

Natural Skin Care: Easy & Natural Recipes to Say Goodbye to Spots and Wrinkles

The bestselling guide to perfect skin, using special hand-made recipes to keep you glowing and healthy

  • It’s never too late to start feeling and looking young. You can do it right this second and experience a life-changing journey with incredible results… by using natural recipes for your skin
  • Let your friends and family wonder about your newfound joy and vitality and enjoy firm, glowing skin every day
  • Discover the fountain of youth without plastic surgery! Just follow the simple tips and tricks to prepare your own creams, serums and scrubs and feel younger starting today

Healing Foods: Eat Your Way to Perfect Health

The complete blueprint for your body’s total recovery

  • Discover the 10 most essential foods for your body that will take you from weak and sick to happy and energetic
  • Did you know how many vitamins an orange has? Or that kale and broccoli are loaded with calcium? Well, you can start making a new grocery list, because you’re about to discover the mother lode of super-foods
  • Protect your blood vessels and your heart by wiping out the free radicals in your blood stream… and you’ve got the ideal weapons for that - oatmeal, tuna, red wine, sweet potatoes will turn your every meal into a delicious and healthy feast

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